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How to pull out/change the wristbands?

Press the identified part of the wristbands and pull them out.The wristbands are supposed to come off very easily if you have pressed the identified part correct. 

DO NOT pull out the wristbands without pressing the identified part, it might break them. 

How to wear my Lifesense Band/Watch?

Wear your Lifesense Band/Watch with the tap key towards your body. The distance between the wristband and your wrist shall be no less than 2cm.Keep the heart rate sensor close to your skin, neither too tight nor too loose. If the heart rate detection does not work, please double check whether you wear your device correct.

How to charge my Lifesense Band/Watch?

Pull out the wristbands, insert the USB identified side of the device to a USB port to charge. Make sure the battery icon is blinking on the display screen. If no battery icon shows,  please try insert the other side of the device. 

Highly recommand to charge by using your laptop.

Lifesense Band/Watch OS requirements

Lifesense Band/Watch operation systerm requirement:
1. Bluetooth 4.0 and above,
2. iOS: iOS 8.0 or above;
3. Android: Android 4.3 or above;
If you are not clear about the operation systerm, please contact us at: for more information.

How to pair Lifesense Band/Watch with my phone

There are two ways to pair your Lifesense Band/Watch with your smartphone: Scan QR Code or Enter SN Code.  

Open Lifesense Health App, Click Me, then click Set Up Device to pair with either way. You can also watch our HOW-TO-Pair video on Youtube:

If you fail to pair the device with your smartphone, please contact us at: for more information.

Where is the QR Code/SN Code?

Each Lifesense Band/Watch has a unique QR Code and SN Code. Find the QR Code/SN Code in the Quick Start. Besides, SN Code can also be found at the bottom/ear of the device.

Where can I get my QR Code back if I lost it?

If you lost your QR Code, please visit, enter your SN Code and click Find QR. Your QR Code will appear right away.

If you fail to find your QR Code,  please contact us at: for more information.

How to sync data?

Make sure the Bluetooth of your smartphone is on and Internet connection is available. Drag down Homepage of Lifesense Health App and the synchronization will complete automatically within seconds.

Why I cannot sync/upload data?

The below reasons might cause data upload failure:
1. Your smartphone model is not listed in the supported devices. 
2. Your device is not activated. If your device failed to display anything, please try to recharge it.
3. Bluetooth and network are not working. 
After double-check the causes listed above and you still fail to upload data, please try to reset Lifesense Health App or your smartphone. please contact if fail to sync;

What HR detection technology is applied in device?

Lifesense Band/Watch applies PPG (photoplethysmography) technology to monitor your heart rate. PPG sensors use a light-based technology to sense the rate of blood flow as controlled by the heart’s pumping action.  Your heart rate will be calculated through Lifesense unique POWERPULSE® algorithum. If it does not work, please contact

How to turn on/off Whatsapp/Line/Gmail alerts

Make sure the Bluetooth of your smartphone is on, Internet connection is available and your Lifesense Band/Watch is connected. 

Click Me, choose your device 

Click Notification, select the notification you want to be on/off.

How to switch unit from metric to imperial system?

Click Me, Profile, you can switch unit system from metric to imperial for height, weight and waist.

How to restart my Lifesense Band/Watch?
Quickly plug & pull the USB interface into the USB port for three times(within 3 seconds) to restart your device.
How to submit a feedback?
Open Lifesense Health App, click Me,  Feedback, clarify your problem with photos and click Submit to complete. If you need a qucik response, please include your email address in the content.